Mr Giorgio Bertuzzi

Lead Explorationist

Dr Bertuzzi has over 30 years of international exploration management experience both in Italy and abroad. From 1993 to 2001 Giorgio was Exploration Project Manager for Eni in the Po Valley area where the main activities were prospects selection and exploratory drilling aimed also at the evaluation of residual hydrocarbon potential in Exploitation Concessions (30 wells, several of them gas and oil discoveries).

Dr Bertuzzi led the “Eni Exclusive Area Liberalization” project which consisted of a thorough evaluation of the general Po Valley basin which was carried out to select the acreage deemed potentially suitable for Eni’s Exploration and Exploitation applications. The final results in 1998 was the awarding to Eni of 38 Exploration Permits and 49 Exploitation Concessions and the building of a considerable prospects portfolio.

From 2001 to 2003 Giorgio carried out PM Prefeasibility Studies related to exploration discoveries and reassessment of existing gas fields in northern, central and southern Italy and in the Adriatic offshore (Gaggiano, Miglianico, Samperi, Giulia, Fausta, etc.) In the international context Dr Bertuzzi has worked extensively abroad: he was assigned two years in Norway, five years in Tunisia and two years in Australia. From the head office he coordinated exploration activities in West Africa (Congo, Gabon, Senegal) and carried out the evaluation (both technical and economical) of the exploration activity of the Chinguetti oil field in Mauritania. As OCM representative for Eni in the JV led by Woodside (operator) he has been coordinating the final assessment/study that outlined the low potential and risk of the venture. Dr Bertuzzi has also been OCM representative for the exploration activity in Area 4 Block offshore Mozambique (Eni operator).

From 2010 to present Dr Bertuzzi is the Exploration and New Ventures manager in Northsun Italia Spa, Italian subsidiary of Coro Energy, coordinating and managing exploration activity, technical/economic evaluation and preparation for farmin/farmout of selected assets, evaluation of potential of new areas in Italy and abroad, technical assistance for the appraisal and development of the production assets.