Our Strategy

Coro Energy’s Aim is to become a Mid-Tier, South East Asian FOCUSED E&P Company.

1. Utilise the Coro platform

  • Access to Capital: Coro is well funded and institutionally supported by key cornerstone institutional investors in addition to a wider supportive shareholder register
  • Proven Track Record: Board with a proven track record in creating exceptional shareholder value

2. Use our key competitive advantages in rapidly establishing a South East Asian portfolio

  • Network: Board and Executive management are well connected in the region with upstream players, service providers, governments, national oil companies and regulators
  • Capabilities: Team with a harmonious balance of technical, commercial and financial skills
  • Experience: Team with a track record of building and realising value from South East Asian E&P assets

3. Commercialise and monetise

  • Hub Strategy: Coherent strategy which underpins downside risk pursuant to already identified commercialisation of the initial discovered resource in place
  • Exploration: Where value is added through technical de-risking and the drill bit
  • Appraisal: Where low technical risks and smart, low-cost development options can be created
  • Production: Where it facilitates further exploration and appraisal as well as having financial synergies with wider asset portfolio


Access to capital

Proven track record in the region

Strong in country relationships

Few independents in country, majors leaving, space to operate

Execution of international growth stategy

Country focus:

  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
  • Vietnam

Target Gas & Oil assets with significant upside

Highly experienced team, capitalised and ready and capable to execute

Flexible approach to structuring deals for optimising value

Deliver exceptional value for Coro shareholders