Our Strategy

Coro Energy is supporting the regional transition to a low carbon economy.

1. Utilise the Coro platform

  • Access to Capital: Coro is well funded and institutionally supported by key cornerstone institutional investors and a wider supportive shareholder register
  • Proven Track Record: Board with a proven track record in creating exceptional shareholder value

2. Use our key competitive advantages in rapidly establishing a South East Asian portfolio

  • Capitalise on the energy transition:significant investment in renewables and clean tech needed to reduce global carbon footprint
  • Capital discipline: capital only deployed on projects with clear path to commercialisation and monetisation
  • Network:Board and Executive management are well connected in the energy industry across hydrocarbons and emerging low carbon technologies
  • Experience: Team with a track record of value-accretive M&A

3. Commercialise and monetise

  • Focus on adding value: capital only deployed where it can add value to an asset/project
  • Execute: deliver investment objectives